Osmo Easy Chair

Osmo is a lounge chair developed on the classic typology of chairs for terraces of hotels and restaurants. The steel structure combined with wooden seat and backrest provides an optimal equilibrium of comfort and rigidity required in demanding context of extensive use in exterior exposed to sun and seawater.

A bent tube structure of expressive geometry defines the frame in which the seat and backrest made of wooden slates are inserted into. The characteristic inclination of front legs combined with extremely wide, fractured armrest, results in a biomorph appearance reminescent of an insectiod robot from SF movies.

The base is available in powder coated Inox, which is a corrosion-free stainless stell that significantly adds resistance for outdoor usage. The version in "regular" steel is not available anymore.

manufacturer: prostoria


We offer a large selection of fabrics and leathers regarding material, color, structure and price.

Fabrics outside the manufacturer's collection are also available. We have many fabric samples in our showroom.

upholstery fabrics

Available wood types are ash, oak (light / natural / dark) and walnut for indoor use and teak for outdoor use.

For many products, the wood can be lacquered in 11 colors.

wood types and colors

Powder-coated frames can be lacquered in 21 colors for most products.

metal colors


Osmo easy chair

  • w 68 × d 67 × h 75 cm
  • base powder coated inox
  • seat inox
  • seat teak
  • armrests teak
  • seat teak

Osmo easy chair loose cushion

  • w 49 × d 2 × h 42 cm
  • fabric category 200 outdoor
  • fabric category 300 outdoor
  • fabric category 400 outdoor
  • fabric category 500 outdoor
  • fabric category 600 outdoor
  • fabric category 700 outdoor

The price always depends on choice of material like fabric, wood or metal.