Oblik is a hybrid space inhabiting the in-between of commerce, interaction and art.


OBLIK is mainly a curated furniture showroom based in Berlin, Mitte with focus on Prostoria — a progressive furniture manufacturer with global references. In the store we mainly display and sell products manufactured by Prostoria, Grupa and Element, selectively expanding our horizon of brands.

Oblik is dedicated to provide and explore aesthetics and comfort, promoting a good and sustainable lifestyle.

Art & Events

Fueled by its collaboration with art collective Numen / For Use, Oblik summons artists to freely intervene into the profanity of a retail space and thus break up every-day life of a design showroom and facilitate human interaction.


Oblik was founded in the spring of 2018 by Ivana Jonke, Sven Jonke and Dinko Verži with an intention to showcase pieces designed or selected by the art collective Numen / For Use and manufactured by Prostoria. Soon thereafter, Oblik started organizing occasional events, run through a series of collaborations with selected artists.