Echo Sofa

The Echo modular sofa provides an exceptionally relaxing experience of lying on the most comfortable bed. This sumptuous quality of comfort extends to the overall design of the sofa, and is especially accentuated in its seating cushion. The sofa is suitable for informal sitting and lying down, as the backrest and armrest are ergonomically adapted for relaxed reclining.

Echo is also available in regular seating depth modules and can be used in the business premises. The whole system is supremely modular as it allows diverse combinations in terms of length and width. Echo comes in textile or in combination with leather on the outer sides of the backrest and armrests.

There are two depths available for the Echo: 100 cm total / 75 cm sitting depth and 125 cm total / 100 cm sitting depth.

manufacturer: prostoria


We offer a large selection of fabrics and leathers regarding material, color, structure and price.

upholstery fabrics

Powder-coated frames can be lacquered in 29 RAL colors.

The frame for Echo is only available in Trend 9 (matte black).

metal colors

price examples

Echo 3-seater, w 283 × d 100 × h 69 cm
from 4.390 €
Echo Chaise Longue, w 125 × d 185 × h 69 cm
from 3.150 €
Echo 2,5-seater deep, w 248 × d 125 × h 69 cm
from 4.110 €

The price always depends on choice of material like fabric, wood or metal. Delivery within Berlin, carrying service, assembly and disposal of packaging material is included with each order.

Echo series