Salone 2022 — a red hot fiera

Since we started OBLIK in 2018, I always wanted to visit the Salone del Mobile in Milano — the biggest furniture fair in the world. Corona put a halt to my plans in the last two years, but finally, for the 60th edition, I made my way to Italy's second largest city.

Arguably, it will be recorded as the hottest Salone ever. From 1961 to 1989, it was held in late September, a few times even spilling into early October. Since 1990, the event has been taking place in April. This time around, the organizers moved it to June, to make sure it can happen with the pandemic still lingering but fading.

The summer timing brought temperatures of +30° C along, making the visit more sweaty than anticipated. Water consumption increased accordingly and experienced visitors of course know one also needs to bring a solid walking game to the Fiera. Just the distance from the subway station to the last hall measured roughly 2 kilometers, so a serious day of circling around will easily put 5-10 kilometers on your dial. I've observed some veterans using trolleys instead of bags or backpacks for their belongings — smart move I noted for next time.

Prostoria novelties

Visiting Prostoria's stand was one of the main priorities, also because new sofa systems Rostrum and Sabot had launched in cooperation with Benjamin Hubert from Layer Design. In addition, some pieces launched in late 2021 were also in the spotlight, constantly expanding Prostoria's product range.

Rostrum sofa system

Rostrum is an infinitely scalable sofa system with a highly sophisticated design language that takes its name from a raised performance platform. Aiming more at the business customers, it's highly configurable and lets you mix and match materials, colours, and finishes as well as add accessories like swiveling tables, power and USB outlets or dividers.

New Rostrum sofa system by Layer Design / Benjamin Hubert for Prostoria, launched on Salone del Mobile 2022

Sabot sofa system

Sabot is a playful arrangement of abstract volumes supported by characterful timber feet that are a celebration of Prostoria’s woodworking capability. While sharing the design language from the Rostrum sofa, it appears much softer with its wooden finish and friendly silhouette. Aiming at the residential customers, it's also very flexible as well as extensible with tables or planters.

New Sabot sofa system by Layer Design / Benjamin Hubert for Prostoria, launched on Salone del Mobile 2022

Prostoria novelties 2021

In October 2021, the new sofa systems Echo and Klaster as well as the Kontrapunkt recliner were introduced on the occasion of Prostoria's 10th anniversary. Now extended with a few more details and options, Prostoria also presented these beauties on their stand.

Klaster sofa system

Klaster, designed by Numen / For Use, is a flexible modular system made up of minimalist cubes, consisting of 14 modules: 6 seats, 4 low and 4 high backrests which can be freely combined into any many configurations, from a simple 2-seater to a complex cluster. The 3 sofa bed modules allow you to convert the multitalent to a flat and comfortable surface within seconds.

See Klaster also on display at stunning Hotel Osmoliš on Croatia's coast alongside many other Prostoria pieces.

Klaster sofa system at Prostoria 10 exhibition

Echo sofa system

Echo, designed by Grupa, is a modular sofa providing exceptionally relaxing experience while bringing a more sophisticated style to Prostoria's product palette. The sofa is suitable for informal sitting and lying down, as the backrest and armrest are ergonomically adapted for relaxed reclining.

You can choose between a total depth of 100 or generous 125 cm, the latter making the Echo even more suited for winding down.

Visitor taking a reading break on Echo sofa system on Salone del Mobile 2022

Kontrapunkt recliner

Kontrapunkt (counterpoint), designed by Neisako, means "two opposite points", and comes from music, where it denotes a method of composing two parallel melodic lines into one harmonious whole. An ergonomic shape as well as different material options provide comfort while the innovative tilting mechanism adds flexibility.

Kontrapunkt recliner at Prostoria 10 exhibition
Ciao! Until Salone edition 61 in 2023…