Igram wall lamp

Igram, (which roughly translates as ‘I play' in Croatian), is a collection of light fixtures which embodies the interplay of ambience and functionality.

The collection, which includes an integrated lamp-table, a wall lamp, and a portable table lamp, features clean outlines, a strong graphic signature, and an understated elegance which have become hallmarks of Grupa's design language.

The sculptural quality of pieces is enhanced by the attention to detail seen in their seamless construction method, the careful consideration given to the quality of light, and the integrated soft-touch dimmers which help create an additional layer of tactile relationship with their users.

manufacturer: Grupa


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Igram wall lamp (IG-W)

  • w 38.5 × d 11 × h 94 cm
  • base matte black

The price always depends on choice of material like fabric, wood or metal.