OBLIK x ARTUKOVIĆ — Nachtlichter

Fr 20.12.2019 — So 01.03.2020

Our blue-lit salon is getting ready for its last nocturnal gathering in this decade.

It is a cold and dreary December night and the city is deserted.
The lucky ones are at home or, more likely, there are none left.
Some slippy slippery figures still roam the bars and xmas markts.
Artuković is one of them.
He will lisp directly to our door and into the void; dream faces, golden reflections, male fantasies, white cars.
This is your chance for LA Vertraulich — follow his trail and descend into twilight.

We serve wine and mystery food almost every time.


Freitag, 20.12.2019, 19 — 22
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