Delays of Falling opening

Fri 31.08.2018 19—22

First in the line of OBLIK’s collaborations with artists, a kinetic sculpture exhibition DELAYS OF FALLING by the Japanese scenographer and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama and German composer Dirk P Haubrich.

We are very happy to invite you once again for the selected wine, disruptive movement and light entertainment at our ever-shifting showroom in Torstraße 69.

The wings are spinning, the feathers rustling, the palm trees waiting — join us and seize the momentum!

“Steered gravity
never in contact with gravitational source
linked shifts of weight produce
the immediate movement
Guided adjustments, delays,
a play of swing and momentum
Bearing joints won't leave their place”

(excerpt from Seyama/Haubrich "Delays of Falling")