Knif shelf

Knif is a modular shelving system which caters for customized solutions and diverse user needs in various concepts of interior design. Composed of the metal construction and solid wood shelves, the system provides numerous combinations of heights and widths that can be upgraded over time.

With visually light and low-key appearance, this sturdy structure sets the stage to the user’s content. Quite spacious shelf’s depth provides for exhibiting objects of diverse nature. Knif’s minimalistic flair makes it compatible with other interior elements while preserving its own character. The basic system is made of 6 modules delivered in sealed packages. Nine new combinations can be made only by adding two connecting elements. The basic module is available in black metal construction with solid wood shelves.

Find dimensions and possible combinations in the product sheet.

manufacturer: prostoria


Available wood types are Ash, Oak (light / natural / dark) and Walnut for indoor use and Larch, Iroko and Teak for outdoor use.

For most products, the wood can be lacquered in 16 RAL colors.

The shelves for Knif are only available in oak natural or black lacquered (RAL 9005).

wood types and colors

Powder-coated frames can be lacquered in 29 RAL colors.

The frame for Knif is only available in Trend 9 (matte black).

metal colors

Knif series